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Essential Reads: Editor's Picks

Social Life Blogs

  • Acquired Spontaneity

    Thoughts and practices for personal and social transformation
  • Janice Harper, Ph.D.

    Beyond Bullying

    Peace building at work, school, and home
  • Dr. Geoffrey Greif

    Buddy System

    Understanding men and their friendships.
  • Busting Myths About Human Nature

    Race, monogamy, and other lies they told you.
  • Michele Ybarra, MPH, Ph.D.


    Perspectives on youth and technology
  • Robin Marantz Henig


    How it feels to be on the brink of a life passage, from youth to middle age to death.
  • Susan Hooper

    Detours and Tangents

    Side trips off the straight and narrow
  • Sheila Kohler

    Dreaming for Freud

    The internal conflicts
  • Frank John Ninivaggi, M.D., F.A.P.A.

    Envy This!

    A deeper look at one of the mind's most misunderstood states.
  • Meg Meeker

    Family Matters

    Investigating how women can live more simply, deeply, and honestly so that they can find more in their lives.
  • Friendship 2.0

    Connecting and Disconnecting in Modern Life
  • Emily Smith Beitiks

    Genetic Crossroads

    The intersection of biotechnology, reproduction and society
  • Ken Eisold, Ph.D.

    Hidden Motives

    A look at the hidden factors that really drive our social interactions
  • Neil Lavender, Ph.D.

    Impossible to Please

    Handling hypercritical people at work and at home
  • Alice Boyes, Ph.D.

    In Practice

    Putting social psychology to work for you
  • Noam Shpancer, Ph.D.

    Insight Therapy

    Psychologically informed reflections on how we interact.
  • Dominic Packer, Ph.D.

    It's a Group Life

    The Science of Social Influence and Change
  • Richard Smith, Ph.D.

    Joy and Pain

    Exploring the best and worst of social emotions
  • Gillian Ragsdale

    Kith and Kin

    How nature and nurture shape relationships
  • Thomas J. Scheff

    Let's Connect

    Finding a path to secure bonds and real emotions.
  • Steve Sisgold

    Life in a Body

    Helps readers use body language and their body personalities to break through to new levels of performance and productivity.
  • Suzanne Degges-White, Ph.D.

    Lifetime Connections

    Exploring women's relationships in families and friendscapes
  • Sam Osherson, Ph.D.

    Listen Up!

    Hearing, responding, becoming less afraid.
  • Bella DePaulo

    Living Single

    The truth about singles in our society.
  • Jefferson M. Fish Ph.D.

    Looking in the Cultural Mirror

    How understanding race and culture helps us answer the question: "Who am I?"
  • Clay Routledge

    More Than Mortal

    The science of the human quest for meaning, significance, and self-transcendence.
  • Joachim I. Krueger, Ph.D.

    One Among Many

    The self in social context
  • Temma Ehrenfeld

    Open Gently

    Musings on the introspective life.
  •  Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D.

    Our Changing Culture

    Exploring how Americans think, work, love, play, vote, and learn today.
  • Marcia Eckerd, Ph.D.

    People Skills

    Social skills for kids and everyone else.
  • Lee Jussim, Ph.D.

    Rabble Rouser

    Everything you wanted to know about social psychology but were afraid to ask
  • Laurie Essig, Ph.D.

    Social Studies

    A sociological take on being human.
  • Robert Fuller, Ph.D.

    Somebodies and Nobodies

    Dignity for all.
  • Nathan Heflick

    The Big Questions

    Life, death and free will.
  • The Guest Room

    Reports and responses from guest bloggers.
  • Joseph Nowinski, Ph.D.

    The New Grief

    How families find renewal through loss.
  • Allen R. McConnell

    The Social Self

    How self-knowledge influences interactions and perceptions
  • Kristine Keller, M.A.

    The Young and the Restless

    Exploring the psychology of 20-something relationships
  • Sean Seepersad, Ph.D.

    Web of Loneliness

    New thinking about a chronic state of being

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