Essential Reads: Editor's Picks

Diet Blogs

  • Susan Albers, Psy.D.

    Comfort Cravings

    How to soothe yourself without food—and how to eat healthfully and mindfully
  • Cravings

    The many ways food fills our lives.
  • Mary E. Pritchard, Ph.D.

    Diet is a 4-Letter Word

    The psychology of eating
  • Alexis Conason

    Eating Mindfully

    Improve your relationship with food
  • Deanna Minich

    Food and Spirit

    The connection between what we eat and how we feel.
  • Nicole Avena, Ph.D.

    Food Junkie

    The emerging science of addictive overeating
  • It's Not Just Baby Fat!

    Straight talk on emotional eating and weight control in kids and adults
  • Conner Middelmann Whitney


    Fighting cancer dish by dish
  • Billi Gordon, Ph.D.

    Obesely Speaking

    The brain and obesity
  • Sherry Pagoto, Ph.D.


    The psychology of weight loss.
  • Charlotte Markey

    Smart People Don’t Diet

    How to eat well and be healthy through psychology, common sense, and the latest science.
  • The Antidepressant Diet

    The connection between carbohydrates, serotonin, and antidepressant weight gain
  • Sylvia R. Karasu, M.D.

    The Gravity of Weight

    The daunting science of weight control.
  • The Guest Room

    Reports and responses from guest bloggers.
  • John Allen

    The Omnivorous Mind

    Our evolving relationship with food
  • Gregg McBride

    The Weight-ing Game

    Changing lives one reasonable bite at a time
  • Dr. Terese Weinstein Katz

    Thin from Within

    How inner conflict keeps people stuck
  • Ina Lipkowitz, Ph.D.

    Words To Eat By

    The surprising stories behind our food names
  • Your Brain on Food

    How chemicals control your thoughts and feelings.

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