Cognition Blogs

  • Stuart Vyse, Ph.D

    Believing in Magic

    Psychology, superstition, and the paranormal
  • A Logical Take

    Examining UFO sightings, pseudo cures, Facebook memes and the like.
  • Kirby Farrell, Ph.D.

    A Swim in Denial

    What we can't think about and how it shapes us.
  • Jeff Thompson

    Beyond Words

    The science and fun of nonverbal communication
  • Book Smart

    The successful, motivated reader.
  • Brain Trauma

    Unpacking cognitive behavioral neurology.
  • Lydia Denworth

    Brain Waves

    Examining perception, sound and hearing, language and learning.
  • Ashley Meyer, Ph.D.

    C is for Cognition

    The science behind decision-making, learning, and memory
  • Sian Beilock, Ph.D.


    What the secrets of the brain reveal about getting it right when you have to
  • Mack R. Hicks, PhD

    Digital Pandemic

    Hidden cyber age dangers
  • Gillian Ragsdale


    The good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Everybody Is Stupid Except You

    The truth about learning and memory.
  • Denise Dellarosa Cummins, Ph.D.

    Good Thinking

    Ideas that influence the way we think.
  • Vinita Mehta, Ph.D., Ed.M.

    Head Games

    What Freud never knew
  • How to Think Like a Neandertal

    The complex lives of pre-humans, and what it means to you
  • Michael Hogan, Ph.D

    In One Lifespan

    From critical thinking to creativity and more.
  • Camille S. Johnson, Ph.D.

    It's All Relative

    How comparisons create self-knowledge, action, and emotions.
  • Francois Grosjean, Ph.D.

    Life as a Bilingual

    The reality of living with two (or more) languages
  • Travis J. Carter. Ph.D.

    Make Up Your Mind

    Buyer behavior and consumer happiness.
  • Maclen Stanley

    Making Sense of Chaos

    The true self, examined.
  • Ira Hyman

    Mental Mishaps

    Errors in perceiving, remembering, and thinking.
  • Alan Castel, Ph.D

    Metacognition and the Mind

    Thinking about thinking—and how we come to know what we know
  • Psyched!

    The science of psych
  • Gary Klein, Ph.D.

    Seeing What Others Don't

    The remarkable ways we gain insights
  • James Clear

    Slow Gains

    Practical ideas for mastering your habits
  • Social Brain, Social Mind

    The mysteries of social cognition
  • Maureen Seaberg

    Tasting the Universe

    Synesthesia from the inside out
  • Jeffrey S. Nevid, Ph.D., ABPP

    The Automatic Mind

    Exploring the World of Implicit Cognition
  • Dr. Richard E. Cytowic, M.D.

    The Fallible Mind

    Emotion, perception, and other tricks of the brain
  • Sandeep Gautam

    The Fundamental Four

    Exploring the deepest motivational drives
  • Dr. Lara Honos-Webb

    The Gift of ADHD

    How to Transform Problems into Strengths
  • The Guest Room

    Reports and responses from guest bloggers.
  • Eric Horowitz

    The Inertia Trap

    How the way we think can be an enemy of change
  • Thalia R. Goldstein, Ph.D.

    The Mind On Stage

    Fictional worlds, cognition, and emotion
  • David T. Neal, Ph.D. and Wendy Wood, Ph.D.

    The New Unconscious

    Breaking unconscious habits and other musings on behavior change
  • Kristian Marlow, M.S.

    The Superhuman Mind

    Cases of extraordinary mental ability
  • Stephen M. Kosslyn and G. Wayne Miller

    The Theory of Cognitive Modes

    A new understanding of thinking and behavior
  • The Voices Within

    On the voices in our heads
  • Joseph Magliano, Ph.D.

    The Wide Wide World of Psychology

    Research, applied and basic
  • Art Markman, Ph.D.

    Ulterior Motives

    How goals, both seen and unseen, drive behavior
  • What Shapes Film?

    Elements of the Cinematic Experience and More
  • White Matter Matters

    Tales from the science trenches
  • Robert N. McCauley, Ph.D.

    Why Religion Is Natural and Science Is Not

    A naturalist examines the cognitive and cultural foundations of religion, science, and more

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