Child Development

Essential Reads: Editor's Picks

Child Development Blogs

  • Tina Traster

    Against All Odds

    Overcoming reactive attachment disorder
  • Ira J. Chasnoff, M.D.

    Aristotle's Child

    Risk, resiliency and the parent/child relationship
  • Claudia Gold, M.D.

    Child in Mind

    Promoting children's healthy development.
  • Maureen Healy

    Creative Development

    Growing a child's unique gifts.
  • Stephen Wallce

    Decisions Teens Make

    The modern adolescent experience
  • Susan Scheftel, Ph.D.

    Evolving Minds

    We all start small
  • Dona Matthews, Ph.D.

    Going Beyond Intelligence

    How to raise happily productive kids
  • Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.D.

    Growing Friendships

    All about children's social and emotional development.
  • Robert Martin, Ph.D.

    How We Do It

    The evolution and future of human reproduction
  • Eugene Beresin, M.D.

    Inside Out, Outside In

    What we bring to the world, and what it brings to us
  • Peter Langman

    Keeping Kids Safe

    Inside the minds of school shooters, with general insight into adolescent mental health.
  • Mendi Baron

    On the Verge

    Helping teens transition to adulthood
  • Fred Peipman, Ph.D.

    Parenting Across the Gap

    Raising teens in the 21st century
  • Helene Guldberg

    Reclaiming Childhood

    Freedom and play in an age of fear
  • Resilience to Bullying

    Dedicated to promoting the power of the individual to deal with bullying on their own.
  • Robert M. Pressman, PhD.

    School of Thought

    Practical techniques that help children learn
  • Marilyn Wedge, Ph.D.

    Suffer the Children

    The case against labeling and medicating children, and effective alternatives for treating them
  • Raychelle Cassada Lohmann

    Teen Angst

    Helping adolescents deal with anger and other emotions effectively
  • Greenspan and Deardorff

    The Developing Story

    Understanding the new science of adolescence
  • The Guest Room

    Reports and responses from guest bloggers.
  • Jerome Kagan, Ph.D.

    The Human Spark

    The science of human development
  • The Moment of Youth

    Helping teens believe in themselves
  • The Mysteries of ADD

    The truth about attention deficit disorder
  • Kathryn Stamoulis

    The New Teen Age

    How teens navigate this I-self world.
  • Charlotte Reznick

    The Power of Imagination

    How children can heal.
  • Jann Gumbiner, Ph.D.

    The Teenage Mind

    The internal experience of the young adult
  • Nancy Darling

    Thinking About Kids

    Parents, kids, and the way we live together
  • Nancy L. Segal, Ph.D.


    The singular world of twins and twin studies
  • Judy Y. Chu, Ed.D.

    When Boys Become Boys

    Development, relationships, and masculinity
  • Joel L. Young, M.D.

    When Your Adult Child Breaks Your Heart

    Coping with mental illness, substance abuse, and the problems that tear families apart
  • Gail Melson

    Why the Wild Things Are

    Animals and nature in the lives of children.
  • Nick Luxmoore

    Young People Up Close

    Working with adolescents
  • Elizabeth Donovan

    Youth and Tell

    The health and wellness of our children

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