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Wolves and human arrogance: The wanton slaughter by Wildlife Services continues

Humans have learned nothing from the past - kill, kill, kill

Once again gray wolves are getting the short end of the stick for being the animals who they are. I'm dismayed and disgusted at a recent decision to ease wolf-killing regulations and I want to share this new decision with readers who might not know what is happening to these magnificent animals. Wildlife Services, formerly known as Animal Damage Control (ADC, that could also stand for Animal Death Corp), can now more easily kill wolves. Wildlife Services already slaughters tens of thousands wolves, coyotes, and other animals using the most inhumane methods (see also) and is also responsible for killing endangered species as "collateral damage." They killed twice the number of animals in the fiscal year 2008 than in the fiscal year 2007 including domestic dogs and cats, and 100,000 animals in Hawaii alone (for more data see). The numbers are staggering and sickening. 

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Many groups are calling for Wildlife Services to halt the massive and unnecessary killing of animals and if you care about what is happening "out there" please get involved. Write your senators and congress people and tell them to stop the slaughter. How arrogant we are - we exterminate animals, bring them back by reintroducing them to areas where they used to live, and then we kill them again. This kill, restore, kill cycle is a shameful activity and must be stopped. We just can't continue redecorating nature for our own selfish ends, Gretchen Wyler, founder of The Ark Trust reminded us that "Cruelty can't stand the spotlight" and it can't. We can all do something to stop the killing ways of Wildlife Services by exposing them for who they are. 


The problem isn't an increase in wolves, yet an increase in humans. The more we breed, the less room it leaves for wildlife. Not to mention, the reason these animals are being targeted is b/c they are choosing to feed on livestock... that is meant to be consumed by humans. Wouldn't you choose a convenient meal instead of having to go and hunt for it?! Can you blaim them? We all choose convenience for our food. So does it mean that it is ok to eliminate the life of an innocent being?

I have always had an issue with the killing of wolves, because dogs are such a Huge deal in our human society. Mike Vick went to jail for being cruel to them, yet, Sarah Palin allows aerial hunting of wolves?! What?! This makes no sense to me! Aerial hunting is ridiculously inhumane. The reason for these wolves to be hunted? Pure sport. Just like football, basketball, and hockey. They aren't being eaten, just skinned and used as a displayed trophy.
"Look what I can do... I can kill a wolf with a gun!"
It would be more impressive if you actually fought head on with one, don't you think? Or if the wolf had a gun as well... make the playing field more even.

People will argue that we need to "regulate" wildlife. I am used to these arguments b/c they happen frequently. With deer in the midwest, mountain lions in CA, feral cats, and rabbits.... it goes on and on. Humans can live wherever they want. Eat whatever they want. Breed as much as they want. There are no limitations.

So why must wolves suffer for our over indulgences?

Living in Illinois I agree

Living in Illinois I agree that deer need to be controlled by hunting because rarely do large predators come through to do it themselves(and everytime they do someone shoots them)..but thats exactly my point! Wolves are the solution, not the problem. They're an important part of ecosystem until someones profit is affected then they become the enemy all over again..

It's worse than that

You put it well. People are a true plague species, arrogantly assigning plague status to the very species they wipe out. If aliens landed and treated us like that, the moral outrage would fill volumes.

There are roughly 80 million more people per year on this planet, and that increase is called "economic growth" in a self-serving logical loop, while other species trying to re-establish themselves in mere hundreds are deemed "overpopulated" if they wander into some country club.

The hypocrisy of many people is crass beyond measure.

Wolves in Sweden

Exactly this is happening right now in Sweden. Hunters have been given permission to kill wolves.

I agree with what you wrote.

The Slaughter of Wolves.. Ignorance is a choice, so is MURDER

As a human being I find this systematic killing, murdering if you will of these master of survival a tragedy. Human beings have become the killers, murderers of any animal that they believe will either make a profit, or get these wonderful animals eliminated from the face of the earth. Why? Because the our government drives this industry for many reasons. The tourism dollars, the cattle ranchers, the sports hunters, and because our sick nation believes it is acceptable to wipe out a species just because they can.
I am ashamed to be an American for so many years because this nation is all about the money, and means to an end. Shame on all these states that have allowed this slaughter to even begin again. What the states and the U.S. government has done is place this nation back 200 years. Thank your politicians for their corporate greed. Thank your silent neighbors, and fellow tax payers and your state representatives for all this animal slaughter.
The American people have to step up to the plate and scream their heads off to get these powers that be, money hungry bastards OUT OF OFFICE. The United States needs to get rid of politician who only represent the money hungry corporate greed. Do the right thing and make the changes this nation needs to stop this murdering of American animals. The days of being stupid, and blasming the wolves for the death & slaughter of cattle, pets and pther wildlife is over. If you still these mistaken beliefs then it is your personal choice to remain ignorant. Yes, ignorance is a choice to remain uneducated to the truth.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness -- that to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever Any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new Government."
~~ The U.S. Declaration of Independence ~~

Wolf Killing

Here we go again. Too bad we can't speak face to face with these perpetrators. Wildlife services is a sham and pitiful disgrace. Why does the government allow this? Why? It's barbaric. Have you ever seen a wolf up close? In your living room? I have. they are just so special and fun to be around. How the hell could you do this? You will surely have a lot to answer for in this life. if not, in the next. My prayers are against you worthless devils.

YouTube snuff videos showcase "hunting" carnage

If anyone reading this hasn't seen the "hunting" or "kill shot" videos that pollute YouTube, brace your stomachs and have a look at what "sportsmen" are up to with video cameras, often trying to one-up other wildlife serial killers with nastier death throes. It puts the lie to claims of hunters being ethical. They are mainly about proving what species can be killed with which rifle caliber or bow. The life and death of the animal is secondary to their weaponry ego trip.

It's ironic how YouTube will quickly pull any video of a domestic animal being harmed but the wild ones are considered expendable with the clause that "hunting" is legal. A mere technicality, not a moral stance.

I have several video clips protesting YouTube's acceptance of this carnage as legit entertainment. You really have to question Google's "don't be evil" credo, since they own YouTube.

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