Parental Misconceptions

From a toddler's height to a teen's work ethic to an adult child's marriage, a range of studies shows that moms and dads may be among the worst judges of their kids. But there are deeply adaptive rasons for parents' enduring misperceptions.

You're Closer to Your Parents Than You Realize

Fascinating photographs reveal the striking genetic similarities between parents

One of the most fundamental creative processes is that of putting two separate objects or ideas together to create something completely new. Guttenberg created the printing press by combining the coin punch and the wine press. Dyson combined the vacuum cleaner with the cyclone filter. Man Ray added nails to an iron to create ‘Cadeau’, a disturbing and unique sculpture. Dali added a lobster to a telephone to create ‘Lobster Telephone’ a sculpture that is both playful and menacing. These artists and designers simply combined two things that already existed to make something new. It’s a disarmingly simple technique that produces some sensational and original results.

Julie -Amelie and Jill - Johanne by Ulric Collette
Julie -Amelie and Jill - Johanne by Ulric Collette
Rod Judkins

A recent example of this technique is the eye-opening work of self-taught photographer Ulric Collette. He has created bizarre 'genetic portraits' featuring heads of parents and children merged together. A father merged with a daughter, a mother with a son or a brother with a sister. Collette, a self-taught photographer from Canada, began the unique project to explore the 'genetic similarities' among family members. The fascination lies in comparing the two halves and noting the similarities and differences. His images have been short listed for a prestigious Cannes Lions award.


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Parental Misconceptions