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Why Grads Experience Post-Graduation Letdown

Why do graduates often feel depressed the day after?

Once the ceremony and parties are over, many high school and college graduates feel a sense of sadness or depression – a sort of Is-That-All-There-Is? feeling. Why is this so common?

First, in the run-up to graduation our time is filled with planning and anticipation. Finishing final exams, planning and rehearsing for the ceremony and related events keep us running at full speed with a combination of adrenaline and anticipation. It makes sense that when the event is through there is a sudden drop-off in the level of energy and excitement that can bring us down.

Another reason for the post-graduation letdown is the unrealistic and “romantic” expectations that people have with major goal attainment. Many of us expect to feel a sense of transformation when we graduate, and we are let down when the next day seems just like any other.

A final issue is neglecting to set goals beyond the graduation date. All too often, individuals place a laser-like focus on some milestone goal, such as completion of a degree, and don’t pay as much attention to the next major goal or life event. The inability to look beyond the milestone leads to a sense of emptiness. The good news is that much of the disappointment will disappear with the setting of a new, challenging goal.


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The Pomp, The Circumstance