What's Your Story?

The science of narrative: Everyone loves to spin a yarn, but how do you tell a killer tale?

Finding Stories of Grief, Joy, and Unexpected Beauty

When we talk about loss, we learn from each other

Everyone has a story about grief and I love hearing them. Unexpected beauty weaves through those stories.

 I had the opportunity to speak at TEDxDesMoines:  Beyond Closure: the space between joy and grief.   I enjoyed hearing my fellow speakers and appreciated the chance to share my thoughts on joy and grief. But my favorite part of speaking to groups is interacting with people and hearing their stories.

It is amazing what you learn from people when that shield against vulnerability is dropped ever so slightly. Eyes glisten with tears as powerful insights spill out in the form of stories.

Sharing your story about grief and loss can be difficult. And not everyone is an appropriate listener. But our society is in need of hearing each other’s stories about pain and loss. We can find connections across our usual barriers when talking about loss.

Sometime soon, take a chance and share your story with someone. You might be surprised at what you learn from them, too. 

What's Your Story?