When Celebrities Self-Destruct

What does it mean to us?

Charlie Sheen is an Annoying Doofus

I would like to punish him for this..

Charlie Sheen is in the news again! What a doofus.

Unfortunately, even those of us who never watched Two and a Half Men now know more than we wanted to about one of the stars. I don't mind Charlie Sheen's colorful way of speaking - it's kind of endearing, and very creative. (Egotistical, yes. But what actor isn't?!)

Charlie Sheen cartoon in the prison of public opinion
Charlie Sheen in prison for two and a half years - if the public opinion counts

But I think I've seen enough and heard enough. It's done. Have you, too, or are you wanting more of crazy Charlie Sheen?

However, here is a person who is way, way worse. Osama bin Laden Cartoon for the Ladies

Cartoon caption: The Prison of Public Opinion. A rat watches Charlie Sheen, who is behind bars for 2 1/2 years for grossing us out by being in the public spotlight.

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When Celebrities Self-Destruct