Who Will Stray?

Some are more prone to infidelity than others.

I Wouldn't Trust Him to...(Fill in the Blank)

A cartoon about a good way to tell if he's faithful.

Cartoon of a woman telling a man she would like to wire him, doesn't trust him

Woman tells her husband that she would like to wire him to feel sure of his love for her.

Has this ever happened to you? You're in love, everything SEEMS fine, and yet...is he wandering? How about his thoughts or fantasies, are THEY wandering?

Because it would be nice to control him, you know? And putting a wire on him would help, if you don't have the password to spy on his iPhone (or hopefully, you pick the type guy who has an Android.)

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Cartoon caption: "I was thinking of getting you wired. That would take care of my trust issues."

Who Will Stray?