The Sounds of Silence

Why silence is golden.

The Silent Treatment

In silence, you can come back to center.

Tune in to the absence of sound. How is it different from everyday life? Is silence really silent?

I’ve often slowed down by going to places that invite a more leisurely pace—Ayurvedic spas in India, jungle temples in Bali or lakes in northern Italy.

Recently I looked closer to home and went on a silent retreat at a monastery overlooking Big Sur. Retreatants communicated with smiles and silent greetings. I took walks, read, and did daily freewrites about my experience.

It was a relief to be free of small talk. No “Where are you from?” and “What do you do?” No labels based on credentials.

But I noticed that in the “silence,” there was sound—birdcalls, the crunch of gravel on the path, the rustle of leaves in the breeze.

In silence sometimes I mentally created my to-do list. I wondered how I would fill the day without the busyness of work, my exercise routine, or social life.

But sometimes in silence I got in touch with my intuition, unencumbered by what others thought. Silence helped me pay attention and clear the mental chatter. It gave me the space for clarity and inspiration.

I brought this memory home with me. I sit quietly every day. Some days I still think of my to-do list in the silence. But some days in the spaciousness come moments of inspiration

Silence is a great topic for writing. Try the exercise below:

Sit quietly for ten minutes, then write what you experienced during that time.

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The Sounds of Silence