Good or Evil?

Are you dealing with a bad apple or do you have a bad barrel? Plus: Humans may be aggressive, but war is something much different.

Changing Your Definition of "Bad"

When bad is good - know your rights.

There are some obvious good and bad behaviors.  We can probably name those off right away.  It is good to help others.  It is bad to steal.  It is good to say "please" and "thank you".  It is bad to say "Gimme gimme gimme". 

But what about those other behaviors?  The ones where we were told they were bad, but in fact, are very good for us?

I'm talking about setting boundaries and saying no. 

You may have grown up with these ideas:  You should sacrifice everything for others; buying something for yourself is indulgent and unnecessary; or saying "no" to a friend or family member is rude and selfish.

When we follow the idea that these behaviors are "bad", we may feel guilty when we exercise our rights.  However, keep in mind that you do have rights. 

Your rights include:

1.  The right to say no.

2.  The right to change your mind.

3.  The right to do less than what is humanly possible.

4.  The right to have whatever emotions you are feeling.

5.  The right to express your emotions.

6.  The right to state your needs.

7.  The right to take care of yourself first.

8.  The right to your beliefs.

9.  The right to be imperfect.

10. The right to have alone time.

It is good to use these rights.  A funny thing happens when you start exercising your rights - people become more respectful towards you, your feelings, and your time.  When you first start exercising these rights (without guilt), you may find friends and family bristling at this "new" way of doing things.  However, you will be much happier in the long run.

Change your idea of what is "bad", and start enjoying your life more.

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Good or Evil?