The Obsessive Hoarder

Fight the clutter! Read on for signs of hoarding behavior, ways to tame your inner clutterbug, what you can do to help someone with too much junk, and more.

The Psychology of Collecting

The neuroscience, biology, psychiatry and poetry—of collecting

July 23, 2013

The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco recently asked me to give a brief presentation on the topic of collecting.  I joined several other presenters who described their collections.  The event was in support of the Museum's exhibit of Larry Ellison's collection of Japanese art and antiquities, on display through the America's Cup summer.

I wore a "collection of hats" for this presentation:  an Oliver Sacks hat, a psychiatrist's hat, a biologist's hat, a poet's hat, and even a Buddhist's hat—all on the subject of collecting.  (Sati is the Pali word that is usually translated as "mindfulness", but it also means "recollection" or remembrance, allowing me to tie that in as well!)  DSM-5 includes the new diagnosis of Hoarding Disorderso there's even more reason to learn about the topic.

Whether your impulse is to accrue or divest, hopefully you'll find this 9-minute presentation interesting! (If the video doesn't load below, refresh your screen, or click on the YouTube link provided.)

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