The Good in Feeling Bad

Not all negative emotions are bad for you. Plus, greeting obstacles with joy, pain but not suffering, nastiness and what matters to us.

Can People Tell When You're Depressed?

Yes, but only if you wear this.


cartoon of comedy and drama masks that are both tragic
cartoon of comedy and drama masks that are both tragic
How do you tell people what you're feeling? Some people write a text, or a poem or a song that comes from the heart and tells the world how sad they are.

Other people go have a nice visit with Baskin-Robbins.

But sometimes you have to be very direct and just tell people what you are thinking and feeling. If people aren't listening, a good mask, like those above, helps.

I go to a lot of plays, and get to see comedy and tragedy up close and personal. This cartoon is part of a series of theater masks; I'm sure you can guess what Optimist Theatre might look like... And you should see my Vampire Theater cartoon.

Here's another cartoon about depression you might enjoy, although it does involve some drinking.

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The Good in Feeling Bad