Tethered for life: How brothers and sisters really shape you.

Did You Know?


Fifty five dollars and eighty six cents was the average cost of prescription drugs in 2003. The good news is, the cost of prescription drugs rose only—only!—7.9 percent in 2003, compared with 13.1 percent the year before. Generic drugs now account for close to half of all prescriptions.

The Benefits of Siblings

There's official proof: Having at least one sister or brother at home helps kids better negotiate peer relationships, say researchers at Ohio State University, who studied a large group of kindergarteners.

Dog Days

The reason so many dogs resemble their owners is that people choose animals that, at some level, resemble themselves. The University of California at San Diego researchers say the effect is true only for purebred dogs.

Let the Sunshine In

Hospital rooms with natural sunlight may ease pain, as well as medical bills. In one study, pain medication costs for surgical patients in darker rooms were 21% higher than those of patients in rooms with plenty of sunlight.