When Anger Gets in the Way

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After a conversation with gun advocates about the Psychology Today Online article, Aurora: Could Be A New Day, I realized one of them had a very reasonable idea—regulating high capacity clips for guns. These were used in all the recent gun massacres. Anyone planning to attack a crowd of people will be deterred without high capacity clips. (Cathy Gifford's attacker was stopped when he had to reload.) Since Aurora, we've had four more incidents— in Texas, Louisiana, Chicago, and New York.

Based on my conversation with gun advocates, I've posted a petition on Change.org asking for regulation of high capacity clips and magazines. We had a Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB, also called the Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act) from 1994 to 2004, passed under President Clinton and favored by President George Bush, Jr. President Bush was also against US imports of high capacity clips. Since the ban expired, our representatives have been unable to renew it. Unfortunately, times have changed; we now live in an age of terrorism—homegrown and foreign. The ability to buy 6,000 rounds of ammunition over the internet with no restrictions is not a good thing as we discovered to our great sorrow and loss in Aurora. Regulating high capacity ammunitions is just common sense in the age we live in.

Please sign the petition and please help spread the word.

Americans for Regulation of High Capacity Clips and Magazines needs an acronym. What would you suggest?

Since so many of the victims of these assaults—Virginia Tech, Aurora—have been young people, it makes sense that young people take up the cause. If we work together, we can get enough signatures to put the issue on ballots, where it can be voted into law. We can do this, if enough of us care.

When Anger Gets in the Way