Crime and Punishment

Knowing what punishment to mete out is no simple feat. Some forms of punishment may send the wrong message. For example, is it okay to solve problems with more violence? Here are some thoughts on this tough topic.

Charlie Sheen is an Annoying Doofus

I would like to punish him for this..

Charlie Sheen is in the news again! What a doofus.

Unfortunately, even those of us who never watched Two and a Half Men now know more than we wanted to about one of the stars. I don't mind Charlie Sheen's colorful way of speaking - it's kind of endearing, and very creative. (Egotistical, yes. But what actor isn't?!)

Charlie Sheen cartoon in the prison of public opinion
Charlie Sheen in prison for two and a half years - if the public opinion counts

But I think I've seen enough and heard enough. It's done. Have you, too, or are you wanting more of crazy Charlie Sheen?

However, here is a person who is way, way worse. Osama bin Laden Cartoon for the Ladies

Cartoon caption: The Prison of Public Opinion. A rat watches Charlie Sheen, who is behind bars for 2 1/2 years for grossing us out by being in the public spotlight.

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Crime and Punishment