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And the Oscar Goes To....The Women With Real Bodies!!!

Do celebrity bodies poison girls' minds?

Angelina Jolie
What do Hollywood bodies tell our daughters?
Martin Pettitt

My mom and I watched the 84th Academy Awards last night as the grandmother and mother of a tween girl. And it wasn't pretty.

Don't get me wrong. The gals were gorgeous. The gowns were glam. The jewels were bedazzling. The hairdos were spectacular.

But if you're the caretaker of a young girl's psyche, watching the parade of dress hangers posing as human beings was deeply disturbing. It was a barrage of dysfunction. Angelina Jolie's spindly arms; all those jutting jaw bones and rib cages; those skeletal wrists dripping with diamonds weighing more than the gal wearing them.

I know it's long been the topic of conversation and concern — the media impact on body images of girls. Wonderful books have been written. Thoughtful research has been done. We all agree that girls must see a wide range of positive images of what women look like and what we do. We all want our girls to be healthy, active, smart and successful; to value diversity in all its incarnations and to love themselves and their bodies as their authentic selves.

And yet there we were, mom and me — two women whose bodies represent the glory and reality of American women who have lived life fully in their own un-worked-on skin — eating air-popped popcorn (no salt, no butter), watching what looked like an eating disorder parade.

Until the winners for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress.

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