The Future's Not Ours to See

We're great at explaining big events and personal circumstances, after the fact. That's because we know how to pick and choose the right details to fit a narrative. When it comes to actually predicting what will happen to us, and how we'll feel, our crystal balls are pretty cloudy.

Signs and Omens: Are They For Real?

Signs and Omens - All in Our Heads?

A study finds that 7- to 9-year-old children that have an idea/concept of a supernatural force are more likely to allow a "sign" to influence their behavior. Children in this age group who do not have an idea/concept of a supernatural force do not interpret "signs" as such.

For younger children, the knowledge of a supernatural force does not influence behavior when a "sign" is given.

I'm not thrilled about the author's ADD quip, but the study is interesting nonetheless.

I'm a believer in intuition and "signs", so this is really food for thought.  It reminds me of something a friend once said - "If you look hard enough for a sign, you'll find one."  That kind of bristled me at the time, but in the context of this study, it is interesting to re-examine that statement.

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The Future's Not Ours to See