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Risky Business: Why Teens Need Risk to Thrive and Grow

Have you ever caught yourself saying things like: "I can't believe she did that! She knows better!" If you're like most parents, then you've not only said them, you've probably tossed in a few four letter words for good measure. Raising a teenager is risky business and yet it remains one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. Read More

Dangerous controlled substances?

Do we really quiver in our boots because alcohol, sex, drugs and cigarettes exist and our teens might find them? Is this so bad?

Teens will try things. There is a liquor store on every corner and most kids are born with a set of genitalia along with exploding hormones. Hopefully the schools have educated the students about controlled substances and sex, and hopefully parents have had some honest discussions as well. So if a kid does take a puff on a joint, he/she might be mildly entertained and realize this isn't for them because they are too smart to get involved in drugs. A little experimentation isn't the end of the world. If your kid is going to go down the rabbit hole of addiction because they experimented with pot at 16 then your kid has bigger problems than being risk-prone.

Eventually they won't be a teen, and will be legal adults, would you like for them to start their risky behavior without your oversight? That sounds worse. I suppose they can learn their tolerance for alcohol while at a college free-for-all kegger.

Good insight

Crimson - you make some very good points. I agree that it's far better for teens to take risks while they are young then when they are adults. Thankfully, most teens who experiment with alcohol and drugs do it and are "done" with it before adulthood. Thanks for your comments.

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