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Speaking the soul: Why kids cut and what we can do about it

 An estimated one in five secondary school and college age youth have intentionally cut, burn,  carve, bruise, or otherwise injured their bodies without the intention of committing suicide. But why? Read More

Matt Manka And Debbie Manka

my Mother,Debbie Manka ,went off and married her Psychologist/therapist Matt Manka. It destroyed our family and my brothers mental health as well as mine.It ruptured the entire family and cascaded all the kids into alcoholism,self abuse,mental illness etc. it also destroyed my fathers health as he and my mother(debbie) were going to Matt for marriage counseling initially. Now Matt and Debbie are running Lifestream Solutions in Arizona.I personally do not think they should be allowed to counsel anyone ,as dating your client is against the rules,right? Any comments on all this? kris

Hi Kris, I am sorry to learn

Hi Kris,

I am sorry to learn of your suffering. I am also sorry to say that I have little insight to offer here, just compassion for your pain. Yes, dating clients is a professional violation, but not against the law and typically regarded as less egregious if someone is no longer a client when the patterning occurred. In any case, this seems water under the bridge in this case since your mother has already married Mr. Manka. Perhaps it would help you to open yourself to forgiving your mother and to focus on how what has happened helps you better understand your own life and desires. Although we often wish that we could decide and live other people's lives (particularly our family members' lives), we cannot - each of us has our own life and path. Resisting this causes suffering and letting go of needing to be right or to have control will ease your pain -- even if not overnight. Ultimately, you are the only one you can make choices for - the rest is not up to you; you can only accept and have compassion or resist and suffer. These are the only two choices you have.

I wish you and your family peace.


Matt manka and Debbie manka

Matt manka and Debbie manka Psychologist story
I read the story about Lifestreams Solutions Counseling Center(Arizona) about Matt Manka And Debbie Manka. Matt was the Psychologist who married his patient Debbie and it destroyed their family and kids etc. There is a reason psychologists arent supposed to marry or date their clients. They have ultimate mental/emotional leverage over the patient. Mr. Manka should have considered the well being of her children and family before forcing his gold-digging agenda onto that family(who i undrstand are millionares). Its a disgrace,the whole story. Manka was even counseling the couple for marriage problems before moving in on the wife. Is she deaf,dumb and blind or what? Any comments out there?

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Submitted by Key Sun, Ph.D. on June 9, 2009 - 11:26am.

Thank you for your comments. I am no familiar with the Manka’s issue to make a reasonable response.

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Is this Mrs Debbie Manka a
Submitted by karen butler on March 20, 2010 - 4:19am.

Is this Mrs Debbie Manka a goof or what? its so obvious this psychologist abused his position.someone should revoke his license

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Submitted by Anonymous on May 21, 2010 - 12:12pm.

Mathew Manka did the exact same thing to our family. My mother started seeing him as a patient and he entered into a sexual relationship with her. It destroyed our family as well and had lasting implications that have taken years to work thru. It's a sad situation whent a man like this is still able to practice in his profession and continue to abuse others as he did our family. Was the story about him and his psychopathic tendencies because based on the definition provided, I'd say he's a prime example.

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Matthew Manka
Submitted by Anonymous on July 2, 2010 - 9:44pm.

I used to go to matt for counseling, he was never anything other than professional with me. however, I have heard stories that the real person behind the therapist is a real creep to put it niceley. I know that he married his client Debbie. this other relationship he had with his client prior to debbie, did this one go on for several years over a 10 year period while he was married, then divorced. Or is there a third victim? It's really a shame that he had not been held accountable for his behavior. Terribly sa

Evidence based scientific studies of The Work as developed by Byron Katie?

One of the first treatment strategies you recommend in this article are "processes such as that recommended by Byron Katie's "The Work"". Are there any peer-reviewed scientific studies that indicate the procedures of The Work are effective or even safe or appropriate for the vulnerable youth described here?

matt manka and debbie manka

Sounds to me like debbie manka is an abusive mother. I lived in Orland psrk. All debbies kids have drug problems I nevet allowed my son over there. Debbie had Dcfs called on her numerous times I heard. She cut some of her kids out of a family Trust. Matt Manka was known around town as doctor perv. He grooms clients to sleep wuth him. Feel sorry for debbies kids they had a crappy abusive mom. Shame on her

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