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Increase Your Attention Span!

Can focus and attention span be trained? Recent research reported in American Psychologist suggests you may be able to increase your focus, working memory, and even your intelligence through a free computer game—do try this at home. This game has also been suggested as a treatment for ADD. Read More

Thanks for the info

I downloaded the program and will check it out--thanks. I have tried other free memory training games via websites and purchased two memory software packages many years ago. I enjoyed them, although beyond improving at the game itself, I wasn't able to really validate carry over effect to working memory beyond that. I use visual mnemonics to memorize things if I feel the need to remember something--so often don't rely solely on my working memory--although working memory is certainly involved in mnemonics at some level. I'll check this out after work.

All the best-

re: thanks for the info

Thanks Mitch - good luck with the software & let us know how it goes. I also found it hard to figure out whether the training 'transferred' over to real life - I suspect we'll get a better picture of this as controlled research is done in this area.

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Carl Beuke, Ph.D., is a psychologist working in management and leadership. He works with the New Zealand Prisons Service and Ministry for the Environment, among others.


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