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Five Ways to Boost Your Natural Happy Chemicals

You can stimulate more happy chemicals with fewer side effects when you understand the job your happy chemicals evolved to do. Here's a natural way to stimulate each of your happy chemicals, and avoid more unhappy chemicals. Read More

very nice tips

Hey Loretta,

these are some really nice tips for changing your brain chemistry. But you missed one important group: Them good old endocannabinoids. They are for loosening your associations and getting into the playful mode, taking life not so seriously.

a question

Do you know any natural ways to trigger it? I know there's the popular method of lighting up, but I'm not a supporter of that - just like I don't advocate taking heroin to get endorphin or cocaine to get dopamine. Drugs give you high concentrations, your circuits adjust, and then natural concentrations feel wrong.
As far as play, I think it's great to be less serious, but animal play has a serious purpose. Young animals test their strength in play, which prepares them to make good survival decisions on when to engage and when to withdraw. Play fights are play but they're fights.

Madame Rue

Now we know what's in Love Potion # 9

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Nice article! I'm can

Nice article! I'm can definitely use this article in a therapy group with addicts since we talk a lot about the neurobiology of addiction (the dopamine pathways etc.) This can come in handy when they're past their post-acute withdrawal syndrome to help them cope with what really feeling normal feels like after they shorted out everything due to their drug abuse.

Your "shorted-out" analogy will come in handy

Good way to explain addiction. Thanks.

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you provide us very use full article you can found more information about chemical and their relation ship and lots of formulas

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Loretta Graziano Breuning, Ph.D., is the author of Meet Your Happy Chemicals and founder of the Inner Mammal Institute.


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