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Clear the Decks For a Fresh Start

It's hard to learn with a cluttered desk. You can win the battle with clutter and help your family and coworkers do it too. It starts with self-acceptance, since your desk is full of reminders of past frustrations and disappointments. You can re-wire yourself to feel caught up and let go of feeling behind. Read More

la différence


Without suggesting your ego has a cubic volume to compare with that of the estimable Charles de Gaulle, perhaps the public announcement of your intent also was a factor in the success. Charles successfully quit smoking by publicly announcing he would: "De Gaulle cannot go back on his word."


How's your clear desk space going?

the good news/ the bad news

The good news is that the physical pile is small and the computer desktop is uncluttered.

The bad news is that I didn't do it in the efficient way I had hoped. I did it by ruthlessly filtering out things that I know I won't get to for the next year. When my book is done I will let new things in, but maybe that one-year time horizon is good...

Thanks for asking.

You found a way that works for you.

Now you can write with a clear mind because you made a decision to table those chores for a specified time. And that's good news for readers like me who are looking forward to your next book!

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