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5 Big Discoveries About Personal Effectiveness in 2013

In 2013, we continued to push the boundaries of what we know about ourselves; going boldly into questions no researcher has gone before. Like, what should we do when we need a little lift – take a run, have a coffee, or grab a beer? Here are some of the year's bigger findings about how we can be more effective at any kind of work. Read More

The same does not work for everyone.

I have worked in an office on my own, from home, with two and three people in one room, open plan with about 15 people and on an open plan trading floor with about 500+ people. I personally found by far the most stimulating, energising and fun environment, the last. I also found I was most productive during that time which had to do with my personal preference and the work I was doing - coordinating lots of different interests, conflicts and smaller projects between an number of people - all in good reach allowing a direct discussion rather than email or call. Because this open plan work environment was so much more suitable to my personality and working style I fought hard to be allowed to stay in that space - as did a number of colleagues around me. However, it was very obvious that for some people the very open plan was not a helpful environment - due to the nature of their work and personal preference. Bottom line: the same thing does not work for everyone. How about checking with the individuals themselves in a given situation? More tedious but may lead to really allowing each individual to be most productive and happy where they are.

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David Rock is executive director of the NeuroLeadership Institute, and CEO of the NeuroLeadership Group, a global consulting firm.


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