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Liposuction Can Make You Smarter

Today, an overwhelming body of scientific evidence across a wide spectrum of medical disciplines strongly argues that obesity accelerates the aging process, impairs overall cognitive function and, ultimately, is responsible for numerous processes that kill us. Read More

Offensive picture you chose.

Offensive picture you chose.


Ok, so maybe fat and stupid go together. There does seem a reasonable rational here. But, has anyone accumulated and analysed any data which quantifies the relationship between body fat and brain function? Maybe in the case of humans the relationship is de minimis.
Btw, I like the picture.

confirmation bias, I think -

confirmation bias, I think - article wasn't balanced

interesting spin, though!

Sadly, it is impossible to

Sadly, it is impossible to "spin" the story in any other way. The evidence is now quite overwhelming between increasing levels of body fat and a decline in virtually every aspect of normal brain function. The scientific literature is vast, including over 10,000 published articles that document the precise mechanisms underlying this connection. The relationship has been documented in humans, monkeys, rats and every organism that has been studied. I've written numerous other blogs related to this topic that outline the connection.

About the spin...

I'd like to know more about how much of the brain function is lost. Saying you get fat and stupid seems like an over statement.

How much fat does it take to impact IQ, by how much is it impacted. I'm not sure a 5% decrease would make someone stupid. However, a 25% decrease would be quite impressive. I'd also like to know how much underweight you have to be to see an impact on brain functions.

I'm not big on numbers, but without at least some of them to show how the curve goes, it's hard to judge if the impact is significant.

I'm thinking a person with above average IQ would most likely not get below average with an extra 40 pounds.

Those are absolutely the most

Those are absolutely the most important questions that remained to be answered. Thus far all of the subjects (animals and humans) of these studies have been divided into obese or normal weight groups. A 5% change in weight might not produce an impact that can be detected using standard tests. Also, one would need to consider age and sex as important contributing variables.

Confidence booster!

Indeed! I have witnessed my much obese and timid friend transforming into a slim and confident lady after getting the liposuction done. It increases the confidence level as there is a huge change in the way they look!

Great Article!

I had never thought of the cognitive benefits of liposuction surgery. It makes total sense. In fact, liposuction surgery is a great way to turn bad habits into good habits.

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