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Transplanting Brains

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There are many applications

There are many applications for science today to achieve great things, the reality isn't the case.

Humanity is obsessed with power and the acquisition of things.

People were warned that one day they would hit a wall.

And there would be a guy there patiently waiting.

I knew people had rebelled, but frankly I was hoping for more of a fight.

The more of history that is rewritten or destroyed, the farther from the truth, and what if someone could simply erase themselves from history, and yet, change everything.

Death is more of a simple costume change then anything. But I do agree on some thing, for me its always been the manner of getting there that annoys me.

As far as the clergy they are all guilty of contempt and have been since this whole thing began, they just haven't realized it yet. I offered forgiveness seems they wernt interested, as far as destroying religion its already occurred.

Destroying god, good luck.

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Gary L. Wenk, Ph.D., is a Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience & Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics at the Ohio State University.


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