Your Brain on Food

How chemicals control your thoughts and feelings.

How Bugs in Your Brain Influence How You Feel

Ordinarily we live in harmony with the trillions of little creatures that share our bodies. They intend us no harm as long as everyone follows the rules of engagement. In general, we’d like them to stay out of our brains! Unfortunately, they rarely follow orders. It is conceivable that this parasite has been living in the brain, and thus influencing behavior, for as long Read More


Very interesting Dr. Wenk.

I must admit a fascination/disgust relationship with "parasites" and other co-habitants of our bodies, I agree the emergence of understanding of our relationships with the fauna in our bodies is going to have an incredible impact on how we understand ourselves.

It has been argued rather effectively, that the brain itself is parasitic in its consumption and willingness to sacrifice its host to all manner of self-serving/indulgent activities. Like in my case, smoking cigarettes. Bad bad for the body, but some part of my brain convinces me to do it anyway, cause it feels so good.

No antibiotics?

Why are symptoms related to this infection treated with neuroleptics but no antibiotics?

Why aren't antibiotics used for treatment?

For the same reason viral infections aren't treated with antibiotics. Toxoplasma gondii is not a bacteria. It is a protozoa.

Why not give anti-biotics?

Great question. The problem is that anti-biotics are not precise in their actions and would most like produce an ulemas an imbalance in the body flora ultimately producing more harm than good.

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Gary L. Wenk, Ph.D., is a Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience & Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics at the Ohio State University.


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