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Can the Mediterranean Diet Treat Your Depression?

Fruits, vegetables, nuts and red wine = happiness Read More

Many peoples looking for An

Many peoples looking for An Easy Way To Treat Depression


Good to see that natural treatments for depression are being researched. Nutrition has a massive impact on mental well-being.

Basic Herbalism May Work Better

Well it is true that healthier foods will tend to remove the imbalances in your body caused by our more common foods. I don't know if I trust this diet to relieve depression though, I'll stick with St. John's Wart and Chamomile.

St. John's Wart and Depression

The use of foods high in

The use of foods high in Omega 3's to help treat depression is nothing new. They are now saying that the same is true ADD and ADHD. I'm not a doctor but I think anytime you adopt a healthy diet it will help. The Mediterranean Diet with its focus on olive oil and fish probably goes along way in helping solve this problem.

Tapas Westchester

I`m really impress that now treat of depression is available by using diet of nature foods. Nature foods contain omega 3 in a very high ratio that increase your healthy abilities and keeps your brain fresh.
~Aansy Stone

The Link Between Nutrition And Depression

I recently read the "Ultramind Solution" by Mark Hymen, and I was absolutely blown away by how much of an effect your nutrition has on your mood.

A big reason people are generally depressed is the lack of nutrients they consume. Back in our primitive days, it wasn't uncommon that we consumed 10 grams of omega 3s through our food.

Nowadays, the average person doesn't even consume 10 grams of omega 3s in an entire week!

No wonder so many of us are depressed. It's because we're nutrient deficient, which results in us going crazy!

How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

Thanks for the wonderful

Thanks for the wonderful post.I was completely unaware about the relation between nutrition and depression.

Mediterranean Diet

This site is awesome! Well, Mediterranean diet is considered as the world’s healthiest way of diet wherein organizations have come up with studies and research about this kind of diet. Mediterranean Diet is also a good source for you to read where there are easy ways to create a healthy lifestyle and to lose weight at the same time.

So what are you saying is if

So what are you saying is if we eat more of Vegetarian food then we have a less chances of getting in depression?

natural treatments for depression

I love Mediterranean dishes. But I don't have any idea if it could treat depression. I have search the net for published researches about its use as treatment for depression but found nothing. There is one known alternative to treatment for depression and that is Acupuncture.

If you adopt a raw organic

If you adopt a raw organic vegan lifestyle you'll never worry about depression ever again!

Fda Approved Generic Medicines

And Herbal Solution to this Diets??

No source sited!

Dr. Wenke, could you please site some of the primary sources you used in your blog. Your book, I presume, is not a primary source. Thank you!


I am pretty sure a Mediterranean diet would be very benifical to you. It isn't really about the cultural of food you eat, mainly just how healthy you are eating. Tips about depression

Depression and diet

I am learning more about depression and diet, and realize that natural foods are essential to overcoming depression.
Thanks for the article.
John Hayes

This research coincides with

This research coincides with a recent meta-analysis showing that a healthy diet in general lowers depression risk.

I hope this research will answer some questions regarding the rise in depression in modern culture, and we can continue to move towards a medicine that specializes not only in disease treatment but in disease prevention.

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Gary L. Wenk, Ph.D., is a Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience & Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics at the Ohio State University.


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