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Can Jogging Relieve Depression?

A recent review tested whether exercise decreased depression. When including all 35 potential studies comparing exercise to no treatment, exercise provided a modest benefit. However, when only the 6 studies that made every effort to minimize bias were included, exercise’s benefits were small and statistically insignificant. That's far from a slam dunk. Read More


Exercise gives relief to some extent. My depression end up after having attended the self realization ceremony.

The problem is when you

The problem is when you suffer from depression and anxiety - health anxiety in particular - and you are scared to death of exercising because you have somehow convinced yourself that even the smallest of exercises will cause you a heart attack :(

What if you're depressed for other reasons

I was severely depressed for 2 years, and while I'm sure it had some psychological roots, I also discovered (after struggling for some time) that I was anemic in addition to having a lifetime of an imbalanced, incomplete diet. I never worried about nutrition because I looked fit enough, was vegetarian, and ate organic, etc. But, I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs to save my life, let alone jog. It wasn't until I started a proper diet with vitamin supps that I started to 'feed' my brain chemistry and got enough energy to move my body more and more (I can walk 5 miles now at a strong pace but can't really run yet). As with all things, we have to be evaluated holistically, and thankfully my therapist was supportive of this and I never went on meds (not that people shouldn't).

Panic Disorder and Exercise Don't Mix

I've suffered from panic disorder and depression for over 20 years and there are periods of time when I literally cannot exercise at all because the increase in heart rate causes a panic attack. I'm currently in one of those ruts and am scared to run otherwise I would thoroughly enjoy being able to lace up my shoes and head out the door. The frustration from not being able to run causes depression, and so on. If ANYONE has any ideas on how I can get back to exercising without fear, please let me know!

One thing of note in the

One thing of note in the review, you don't have to jog or do any aerobic exercise to benefit. Weight training actually fared better than aerobic exercise in a few direct comparison studies. Not sure if that helps, but it's definitely worth exploring options aside from running if that's more suitable.

Eased my panic

Restorative Yoga worked well for me. Doesn't really demand increased heart rate, but moves your body, relaxes, and does some good meditative magic.

So, why have psychologists

So, why have psychologists been telling us for years that exercise helps relieve depression? And, why should we believe this article? Geez, psychology is more like gossip than a science.

Endorphin's. For example:


I get depressed if I miss a day at the gym.

Nowhere do I see anybody,

Nowhere do I see anybody, appliating Discipline on ones mnd in
achieving results as their ultimate desire to do the right thing at the right time, in their life. If their is an more effective way of achieveing desired results any faster, than exercise, it
must be stated so the world cam head in that direction.I hope to be an encourager cause my 73 years has been a blessing so far.

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