You (According to Them)

Uncovering blind spots that impact your reputation and your career

Ultra-connected World Leaving You Disconnected?

Increased connections aren't the same thing as productive connections. In fact, the decline in strong, effective business relationships is now taking a measurable toll: more careers seem stalled, more teams are struggling to perform, and more companies are suffering from unproductive workplace behavior. Ironically, all of those digital connections are creating a serious pe Read More

I agree about the disconnect

I agree about the disconnect that technology has created, particularly in personal relationships. I think it's important to tread lightly on feedback about how you are perceived in the workplace. This is because of the politics inherent in most setting that cloud co-worker judgment and honesty. The old saying, "it's none of my business with what you think of me" may be more apt in the changing work environment that values efficiency, productivity and outcome over who is well-liked.

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Sara Canaday is a leadership expert, career strategist and the author of a new book, You -- According to Them: Uncovering the Blind Spots that Impact Your Reputation and Your Career.


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