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Uncovering blind spots that impact your reputation and your career

What Keeps You From Giving Candid Feedback?

I believe it is incumbent on us as leaders and coaches to tell it like it is. Developing those under your guidance is one of the primary goals of a leader. This means much more than sending folks to class, handing them the latest business book, or giving them new assignments. The practice of revealing people's “blind spots” is probably the biggest gift a leader can give. Read More

That Sweet Spot...

Moves around! It isn't in the same place for different people (and sometimes it moves in the same person!). Nor are the differences as simple as (e.g.) young/old, man/woman. Consequently it's very difficult to hit.

The other thing is that there are some pieces of feedback that can't be delivered well. When the takehome message is "You actually aren't any good at this", it's very difficult to make this anything other than painful.

As for the perception gap, I've worked with many people who wouldn't know the answers. Their interactions with colleagues and managers are such they don't form these kind of perceptions.

Leadership and giving feedback

Great post!

In my experience, Leadership is all about developing relationships. It's one of, if not the primary goal... developing relationships with my team members. Through those relationships my team members come to know that my goals for them are the same as their goals for themselves, and I'm there to help them achieve their goals. IF I've done a good job with those relationships my team members are so much more likely to hear even tough feedback as constructive and useful, rather than criticism. And yes that's a big IF...

Thank you for your insight.


Giving Feedback

Thank you for sharing your experience as a Leader Steve.

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