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Don't Sell Yourself Short With a Resume

If you doubt the importance of selling your value beyond the resume, just look at the way many Fortune 500 companies are now evaluating employees to determine their readiness for the next-level. Read More

Details, Please

Thanks, I appreciate the advice. Yet, I think it's unfortunate that any time this kind of career advice is given, the writer doesn't offer examples or elaborates beyond the superficial.

Find ways to make "individual strengths come alive"? I don't know what that means.

That advice is followed by: "If you can weave that information into a relevant story that is anchored by your unique capabilities, you can make a positive, lasting impression (without sounding boastful or awkward)." Of course, if I could do that then maybe I wouldn't need the advice. I don't know how to "weave information into a relevant story," yet I'm not (actually, never) told how. It also assumes that the reader already knows how to effectively tell their "story."

Care to share details?

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