You (According to Them)

Uncovering blind spots that impact your reputation and your career

Our Seductive Blind Spots

While we may be able to think of people who don’t recognize the impact of their own personality quirks, recognizing subtle blind spots is much harder to pinpoint. Overdoing our own strengths is a seductive blind spot that can sabotage even the most promising careers. So how can we avoid this trap, allowing one of our best assets to silently become a liability? Read More

Great post!

Balance is always the key! I like the idea of finding a "balance range"
Really awesome post!
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The short cut to Stagnation

I think it is setting people up for career stagnation to suggest they try to balance themselves. It creates a cognitive dissonance in their mind, because now they are second-guessing themselves. Uncertainty is just as apparent to outsiders as is certainty. Do you want to have an operation performed on you by a specialist, or a family physician? I'll take the specialist any day of the week.

The way professional's handle their blind spots, is to hire someone else that compliments them. For example, my expertise is in logistics. I know how to get things done, and in the shortest amount of time. My weakness is that I'm not touchy-feely, and I don't give hugs. People close to me say I'm a pushy, know-it-all. But I staff that aspect of the business with someone that has those traits. In the end, when customers come to me, I get a lot of compliments, such as that I am a caring person.

If you work for someone else, then be sure to tell your boss up-front what your weakness is. It they are a good manager, they will funnel tasks to you that are in your expertise, and "systematize" everything else. For example, since I know I'm not warm and fuzzy, the system I created for answering the telephone is to make sure to say the same thing every single time. So no matter what kind of foul mood I might be in, the customer always gets the same response.

I say to embrace your uniqueness, and staff your weakness.

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