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The impact of trauma

All Creatures Great and Small: A lesson in Mourning

There is a deep emotional connection between humans and animals, and a need to mourn. Read More


There is a multitude of connections between humans and animals. Beyond simply mourning. We have complex relationships with each other.

I'm guessing you're familiar with James Herriot's writings. His most famous series with the same name as the lines from the poem you referenced. (All Creatures Great and Small, being the first in the series).

I highly recommend his work to anyone who loves people and/or animals.

What a beautiful story about

What a beautiful story about your wonderful mother! I don't see how anyone could argue at this point that people and animals can form very strong connections.

My dog, a rescue and part German Shepherd, presented a "tough guy" image to most of the world, but never to his human family, and never to his special friend, my adopted cat. He let her get away with anything, and she loved to play with him. I'll never forget how when he died, she sat before his food bowl in the corner for quite some time. I know she knew he was gone, and missed her big friend. She's gone too now, but I like to think they're both together now, like they should be.

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