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The GOP eliminated its moderates??????

Do you even read what you've written before posting it?

Never mind for a moment that NOTHING you wrote has ANYTHING to do with psychology, which is allegedly the subject of this web site.

Mitt Romney is a lifelong liberal. He is PRECISELY the kind of moderate Republican you're insisting can't get nominated in today's supposedly extremist Republican party.


Um, the real question is: Do YOU read what you've written before posting it?

"Mitt Romney is a lifelong liberal"???????

It may be a matter of perspective, but thank goodness that is not true because with liberals like him, there would be NO ONE left to ward off the conservatives who want to limit personal freedoms based on their visions of right and wrong.

There's a lot of talk amongst conservatives about limiting the size of government and getting it out of people's business, but somehow they have no problem with government getting involved in women's bodies. Mitt Romney did not prove himself to be an exception to this kind of conservative thinking.

"Progressive?" I don't think so.

Democrats are not entitled to call themselves progressive while they march forward blindly into larger debt, into economic depression. And they call it 'progress'?

Democrats refuse to let the oil flow and let the economy thrive and call it progress; They refuse to allow people to succeed or praise those who do and they call it progress!

Their policies and methods shrink the collective pie, then engage in legal stealing to "spread it more evenly".

The result is that they smudge the whole thing into oblivion.

The long term rammifications: not progress, but regression. Not optimism, but stagnation. Waning. Death. Not much hope and perhaps some spare change.

This is so depressing, so sickening. I need a doctor, a psychologist. But there doesn't seem to be anyone to turn to - the psychologists seem to be self-proclaimed "progressives".

Sorry to rain on your parade, but this is how I feel.

Take it easy on Michael....

According to his bio, he has had kind of a hard life. It is typical for those that experience such hardships to cling to socialism and other take-care-of-me ideas and concepts.

We may be the same had we gone through what he has.


Modern man... we've turned ourselves into a nation of sheep, narcissists, children and racists.


Doesn't everybody think that their 'side' has it right, the in on all the answers? I'm bored with politics!

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