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Dan Pink on Good Boss, Bad Boss

A nice review and a long interview

Dan Pink, author of numerous bestsellers including Drive and A Whole New Mind, wrote a very nice review of Good Boss, Bad Boss on his blog. I also think he did a great job of capturing the main point:

The core point, at least as I read it, is that good bosses are adept at working both sides of the street. They improve people’s performance and they deepen their humanity. As Sutton says, good bosses “do everything possible to help people do great work,” yet they also “do everything possible to help people experience dignity and pride.”

 Dan also links to the answers that I gave to a series of interview questions that he  sent me.  I got carried away answering them -- as Dan put it oh-so diplomatically -- so they were a "tad long" for a reasonable post.   Dan decided it was best to just put the whole interview on separate link, which he did here.  For better or worse, it is the longest interview in print about Good Boss, Bad Boss.

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Bob Sutton is an organizational psychologist, Stanford professor, and author of five books including bestseller The No Asshole Rule and Good Boss, Bad Boss (September, 2010).


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