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A CEO Enforces The No Asshole Rule

I am mostly focused on the upcoming publication of Good Boss, Bad Boss. But I am and will always be the "asshole guy."  I still get a good 20 to 30 emails a week about issues and reactions related to The No Asshole Rule. There are still a lot of people suffering out there and assholes will always be with us.  But I still love a good success story.  Yesterday, I got a lovely one about the role that a rather brave employee -- who used the book as ammunition -- played in expelling the local certified asshole.  I removed his name but the rest of the email is unchanged.

"Bob,   I ran across your book while I was studying the literature on workplace bullying.  As a victim myself, a colleague and I had been fighting an asshole Director and a Section Head above us for over two years.  I actually sought psychological treatment to help me with the emotional troubles I was obviously having in this battle.   3 weeks ago I sent your book to our CEO.  He said he'd read it already and sent it back.  I met with our HR director at the CEO's request and I gave it to him.  This led into a meeting with our VP, and I gave him a copy as well.   Today it was announced that this director was fired.   Thanks!"

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I am always interested in your notes and comments about The No Asshole Rule (and anything else) but I confess that success stories are especially nice to hear

P.S. Speaking of The No Asshole Rule, I got a note today that the Asshole Rating Self-Exam (ARSE), our online test to see if you are a certified asshole, is just about to hit 237,000 completions.  It is currently at 236,950. The self-examination continues!

Bob Sutton is an organizational psychologist, Stanford professor, and author of five books including bestseller The No Asshole Rule and Good Boss, Bad Boss (September, 2010).


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