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Life Coaches and Mental Illness

Life coaching is a developing field where paraprofessionals offer support and guidance to people trying to achieve change in their life. This can be very positive, but there are risks that coaches may encounter serious problems they're not prepared for as they venture into the areas of mental health. Read More

What an insightful article.

What an insightful article. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I agree with your comments and support the idea that "coaches" need and should be required to attend ethic trainings. "Coaches" should also work within the boundaries of their education and supervised training. There's enough issues for all of us to address let's ensure that we are compentent to address the issues that we are presented with.

Really, it is a high

Really, it is a high qualitative article and gives lots of information regarding a coach. We know the need of a coach and his/her importance in our career. An effective coach always shows the right path for our career. A coach plays a vital role to get success in our career. Life coach orlando

Being informed of what coaching is

The opinions in the article show little knowledge of what real coaching is. Indeed it is still an unlicensed profession in most of the world, but it says nothing about professionality. So were psychology or any other helping professions when they started. Mostly ridiculed by traditional disciplins. Indeed coaching is not about dealing with mental illness. It is about the human experience wider than mental illness. It is also not about "fixing" people. That is left to trainers and counselors and motivational gurus of all kinds. More and more academic research is being made about the value of REAL coaching. See e.g. http://www.instituteofcoaching.org/Index.cfm?page=research
Of course, as with all new professions there is weed, and there is confusion about what is what. It happens that people who used to be motivators, advisors or counselors feel that "coaching" is sexier and call themselves coaches and that does not do good service to the profession.
There are many licensed psychology professionals and therapist that integrate the coaching approach in their practice . See e.g. http://books.google.co.il/books?id=_NlEHEXIj7UC&printsec=frontcover&dq=i...

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