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My Wife Is Cheating With the TSA!

Do enhanced pat-downs by the TSA equal infidelity?

Do some people WANT their privacy invaded? Photo: angrylarry.com
I recently received the below letter from a concerned reader:

"Dear Dr. Ley, Ever since the TSA implemented their new 'enhanced pat-downs' at airport security, my wife has been flying an awful lot. Her work has always made her travel, which she used to grumble about. But now, she's not only not grumbling, but has rescheduled some trips that she had been putting off. She's flown various places almost every week out of the past month or so.

She's also changed the way she travels. She used to check her luggage, now she takes a carry-on bag. I watched her as she was getting ready for a trip the other morning, and she put on some of her sexiest underwear. Do the backscatter machines show underwear? I've been worried enough that I got on her computer and went through her history. I didn't find any emails to lovers or anything, but I did find that she had ordered this gun-shaped sex toy. (Note from author - Link appears to be SFW). I think she might be planning on traveling with it in her bag. It basically guarantees that she'll get a bagcheck and "special attention" from the TSA.

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Do you think I need to worry? Ever since this started, my wife and I are having a lot of sex. We have sex before she goes on a trip, and lots when she comes back. Frankly, if she gets a thrill from a little groping by the TSA, I'm not gonna freak out. But what if she get's too excited, and has an affair while she's on her trip, because she can't wait to get home? What should I do? Should I ask her about it?"

Will this get through airport security? Photo: boinboing.net and littledeathray.com
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So - what do you all think? Should this husband worry? People are all concerned and up in arms about the TSA invading their privacy, but perhaps there are some people who want their privacy invaded.

My advice? I wrote this husband back and told him that he maybe should talk to his wife about it, and explain his concerns. But, he should also share that he didn't mind if it was something that excited her, and that he was really enjoying how she was sharing that excitement with him. I also suggested that he should definitely plan a trip with his wife, preferably soon. Perhaps they could both enjoy enhanced pat downs together.



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David J. Ley, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and author of Insatiable Wives, Women Who Stray and The Men Who Love Them, available from Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.


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