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Why Are Americans Still So Uptight About Breastfeeding?

With images of women's breasts everywhere in the media and advertising, you'd think Americans wouldn't still be so puritanical when it comes to images of breastfeeding. Read More

Image? LInk? Guess not.

The image, however mild it may have been, still could not be published by PT? This is called "Gonzo Journalism", where the reporter is essentially reporting his own actions.

Now I've seen the picture.

Now I've seen the picture. Unfortunately, the child being fed looks like he's 8 or 10 years old. That IS a problem!

No, he is not that big

Anonymous wrote:
Now I've seen the picture. Unfortunately, the child being fed looks like he's 8 or 10 years old. That IS a problem!

No, he is not that big, she would not have been able to carry him in that manner if he was that age.
Maybe you need an eye test.

Perhaps the aversion to

Perhaps the aversion to breastfeeding comes from the sexist notion that women's primary role is to please men sexually? Hence it's OK to have images of breasts on news stands if it's porn or other media that sexually objectifies women. But when men are confronted with the fact that women's bodies don't exist exclusively for them and moreover that they have the profound power to nurture life itself, they feel threatened and excluded and all hell breaks loose. Sadly, many conservative women fall into line with these retrograde attitudes. I've heard many stories of relationships becoming unstable after child-birth as men become resentful of their wives and even their children because suddenly it's not all about them anymore.

They pulled the photo because

They pulled the photo because it showed a female nipple and facebook is afraid of being turned into a porn book. They have automatic filtering software that has pulled photos that due to camera angle LOOK like boobs even when they are not. The technology isn't exactly perfect. Much like googles filters every now and then let nudity slip by on filtered image searches.

Facebook is also a private company and 100% in their rights to do. On facebook YOU are the product they sell after all.

Odds are someone complained and thats what got their censors rolling but no one complained about the 1976 one.

As a side note, you don't find nipples exposed on americans newstands either. Mickey Huf also misses the point with breasts but thats not unexpected. Breasts are not for children, they are for men to oogle. Its why women have them. Its sexual selection at work as big boobs does not mean more milk, and large breasts are in fact difficult for women to handle. Its the sexualization of breasts that make them so large in humans compared to all other apes and for that matter mammals. Some don't even have real nipples and yet can nurse their young.

When you see a breast as a human, its sexual even when its for nursing.

Now Americans are more uptight about sex, THAT is where the issue is here, more than breast feeding itself. If you whip your tits out in a store uncovered like that photo, its not the nursing that is the root of the problem.

The UK also has a problem

The UK also has a problem with breastfeeding, the newspapers here frequently carry stories of nursing mothers being asked to stop in public places. In Scotland,however, it is an offence to stop or ask to stop a mother breastfeeding in public places and I never received any negative comments when I did. In poorer nations where babies are all breastfed I doubt anyone takes any notice of a baby being fed in the manner nature intended

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