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The Male Identity Crisis and the Decline of Fatherhood

America is rapidly becoming a fatherless society, or perhaps more accurately, an absentee father society. The importance and influence of fathers in families has been in significant decline since the Industrial Revolution and is now reaching critical proportions. Read More

This is totally correct!

First, careful with the stats you point out. You're going to make the "I can do what I want because I'm a female, it's all about me, men and children be darned" crowd very angry. The truth hurts. They'll try and censor you!

Things happen in life, and sometimes women end up single moms - I'm not attacking them. But the fact that western culture has so rejected religion and tradition and replaced it with sex-saturated media means that all these neglected kids know is perversion and, recently, gender confusion. It's made abnormality seem regular. (And I don't mean gays...I mean look at many prime-time sitcoms...total filth pushed by characters from all walks of life)

Those that aren't lucky enough to have stable parents who keep them sane are merely victims of this society (I was one of the lucky ones, and am very thankful). The unfortunate thing is that anyone who may stand up to this culture is labeled a prude who is waging a war on women.


It's amazing that in light of all of this research that fathers are treated as nothing more than sperm donors and an income source. The family courts work very hard at alienating kids from their fathers.

Mr. Williams has the problem

Mr. Williams has the problem 180 degrees backwards: society isn't in crisis because families are becoming fatherless, families are becoming fatherless because society is in crisis. However, blaming society's woes on fatherlessness is an easy cop out, because there are plenty of powerless bad guys to point fingers at--feminists, lazy dads, booze, porn, tv, atheism, ad nauseam--when the real culprit is economic inequality. Blacks have always had more single mothers, and, not surprisingly, blacks have also always had lower incomes than the general population. Even in the Great Recession, their unemployment rate was twice the national average. While Mr. Williams and the pro-man movement hide behind "cultural decline" as the reason for fatherlessness, the real culprit, income inequality, continues to rampage through America.

It is a chicken and egg

It is a chicken and egg problem. Thw majority of men grew up with porn to the point of addiction, no matter wives, Gf are part of life. Facebook and Twitter creates an entire generation who is obsessed on their own life, mini celebrities culture. I hope those who are lucky in pareting roles got a tad of moral obligation to guide their grown up sons with more traditional values. I know few people who have dedicated in building a meaningful legacy.

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