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Why Performance Appraisals Don't Improve Performance

There is compelling new research that shows performance reviews actually don’t improve performance, and may actually cause a decline in performance. Also, performance reviews are tied to the Bell or Normal Curve, which is now being seriously questioned. Read More

I have no doubt that

I have no doubt that performance appraisals, when applied correctly, can help. However, I've never seen them applied correctly in my thirteen years of working experience, and I probably never will. The reason for this is that the performance indicators used in these appraisals are usually set by people higher up in the pecking order with little regard to the actual situation experienced by those lower down, and therefore creates cross-purposes that force employees to take actions that "tick all the boxes" even when said actions are obviously detrimental to the employee's (and therefore the company's) work. Not only does this make teamwork difficult, but it also suppresses the employee's ability to act in the company's best interest on an individual level. In some extreme cases, I've seen performance appraisals used to harass employees and to avoid accountability by passing the buck lower down. In my opinion, these kinds of "techniques" should have been left where the belong; in the eighteenth century.

My experience

I do NOT have good feelings about these reviews. At a job I got a bad review. Over the next 3 weeks I did not do much, then I was fired for "the lack of significant improvement since the review". The review was nothing more than a paper trail to justify what they had already decided.

What is seriously depressing

What is seriously depressing about this for me is the mantra that everything, including my interest area education, would be better managed like a business. Business people seem to have about as much an idea about what's going on as the rest of us, i.e. not much of an idea all. Nonetheless, there is persistent push to introduce performance management systems to schools.


Performance Management

Having just recently completed a performance review I can attest to their worthlessness. Just the sheer number of man-hours spent having all employees complete a self-evaluation, having those evaluations reviewed by managers, face-to-face meetings to "discuss" managements opinion, revising evaluations in light of those discussions, and then setting "goals" for future performance destroys real productivity -- particularly for a net result totally ignored until the next annual review fiasco begins.

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