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What Are The Predictors of Career Success?

Interpersonal competence, self-awareness and social awareness—all elements of emotional intelligence—are better predictors of who will succeed and who won’t. Read More

A new way to discriminate

This sounds to me like a new way for companies to discriminate against people in hiring decisions. Just have them take a personality test, and if they don't score high enough in the "Feeling" trait, then they don't get hired. The people with the "thinking" trait will be discriminated because they aren't relationship oriented like the people with the MBTI trait of "feeling."

Another factor

One big factor that people do not like to acknowledge is...physical attractiveness.

Skill in office politics does not hurt either.


If they say the bottom 20% performance-wise had poor emotional intelligence, assuming 'performance' is well defined, could that also mean the bottom had a terrible job?
And it's not empathy if networking is a cover for socializing only with people who can further your own goals.
Conceding the importance of getting along with others, emotional intelligence is a topic prone to fuzzy logic of the 'correlation-causation' type, there's a need to define other factors with more rigor.

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