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Why Women May Be Better Leaders Than Men

There is clear recent evidence that women actually make better leaders, and are more suited to the style of leadership needed today in organizations. Read More

Why Women Maybe Better Leaders than Men?

Hurray Mr. Ray Williams! You've nailed it. Because women are more organized, have eyes for details, more sensitive to the needs of others and more conscientious, it's quite easy for women to be better leaders than men. This is one is good for gender and development issues and awareness. Thank you very much.

Elizabeth lack Empathy.

Hi Elizabeth:

When you say that it is quite easy for women to be better leaders than men you have and show no evidence to prove your conviction. By using the word "Hurray" you reveal that your glad that women are better at leadership than men as if it is some how better for society if women are better leaders than men. Could you explain exactly why society would benefit if women are better leaders than men?

Many women claim that they posses empathy more so than men but in your remarks in the following quote where do you display any empathy for males" "Hurray Mr. Ray Williams! You've nailed it. Because women are more organized, have eyes for details, more sensitive to the needs of others and more conscientious, it's quite easy for women to be better leaders than men. This is one is good for gender and development issues and awareness. Thank you very much."

Again how if this is good for gender is this good for men to known that they are inferior to women? How does this help males in any way? I think we all agree that society benefits from having the best people in leadership roles. If your ascertion that women are better leaders than men than it follows logicaly that all our leaders should be women.
this means all poloticians and businesses should be women! When you say this one is good for gender and development you mean this one is good for the female gender but this one is certainly not good for the male gender. with all women's alleged empathy you should be concerned for how men benefit from the news that they are inferior leaders and how is this news going to be of some benefit to males?

Instead of women constantly touting their superiority women such as yourself should display some of that empathy women claim they have so much of to help men instead of braging about your superiority.If empathy is part of good leadership and women claim it is then you by your remarks have shown that you are not a good leader.

Women offer great potential for leadership

Ray Williams writes an interesting article and I welcome the research evidence that confirms my anecdotal experience of female leaders.

""Tony Schwartz, writing in the Harvard Business Review Blog Network describes what women know about leadership that men don’t, arguing “An effective modern leader requires a blend of intellectual qualities—the ability to think analytically, strategically and creatively—and emotional ones, including self-awareness, empathy and humility…I meet far more women with this blend of qualities than I do men.” "" Combine this with the common female traits of wanting to help others and do good in the world, plus a powerful work ethic and women indeed have the potential to be great leaders.

However, the risk is that too much introspection can lead to lower self-esteem and prevarication. Women have to work hard to ensure a robust balance between sharing/discussing issues and decisive action.


Of course women make better leaders when they are given more support.

When women lag behind men, quotas and affirmative action programs are put into place so that women can close the gap.

When men lag behind women, women are praised for their accomplishments and told that they are better than men. Why are there no quotas and affirmative action programs for men since they only constitute 40 percent of bachelor and master degree recipients?

When men do better than women, it's discrimination. When women do better than men, it's progress.

God I hate being a male in

God I hate being a male in the west.I have NEVER been sexist to women; I am superb at my job; i am honourable; genuine; intelligent, yet EVRY DAY I am told how I am an INFERIOR animal. FED UP.

Superior performance Doesn't necessarily mean Superiority

There doesn't seem to be any shortage of men eager to inform the world of their own gender's inferiority. Dan Abrams for example is so proud of belonging to the inferior gender that he has written a book called "Man Down" compiling evidence that in everything women are superior to men. You would think human nature being what it is at least normal people are ashamed of performing poorly but Dan thinks its a great thing so great he wants the whole world to know.

Male bashing is all the rage today. Recently I have read ads attracting women into the trades such as Auto mehanics, plumber, electritions and welding and you guessed it every ad claimed women were actually better at these trades then men. I have even read an ad suggesting women will make better combat soldiers than men. A male opperator of a gym where he trains weight lifters and boxers said that women are better suited for weight lifting and boxing. Women claim they are more compansionate than men. I suspose they think they are more compansionate than Jesus Christ, Martin luther King.and Gandi of India.

But there is one test that women lag far behind men in and that is the proof is in the pudding test. The male gender has left the female gender light years behind in the achievement arena. In the blog above it is said that women lead men in creativity yet men have invented 99% of the world's inventions. It is claimed that women are better communicators yet by far men have created more novels, more short stories, more poems, and written more music and the world's greatest orators have been mostly men. If men are so vastly inferior as we are being made out to be in modern times how come women claim men have subjugated and oppressed them.? It is impossible for the inferior to subjugate the superior. There are many animals that are stronger than humans but they never dominated humans because brains trumps brawn.

The mistake that Ray Williams! and others are making is that they are missinterpreting the data that shows that businesses and organizations that have more women on them do better than those with none or few women in them. This they would have you believe is evidence that these orgaizations do better because women are superior leaders. While this could possibly be true it could just as eassily be that it is not because women are susperior but because women are different and when you ad the female difference to the male difference better decissions will be made than either gender would make alone.

And yes it is true that women are more successful in new business startups than men. But it is also true that there are far more sussport groups for women than for men. It is eassier for women and minority groups to get financial aid than for men. It is also true that women are out performing males in education and this fact is being used by women as proof of their susperiority. But it is also true that the education system is rigged infavor of the way girls learn. For example 70% of a student's grade value is bassed upon course work which at the time it was made apart of the educational system it was known girls would be better at it thus the educactional system plays to the strength of the female and the weakness of the male. Ad to this that fathers have been so marginalized with women wanting children but not the fathers that go with them that there are more and more boys being raised without male role models especially in elementry schools where the teachers are mostly female.

It is also true that women work harder than men because they are being told that in order to get there fair share of high paying jobs they have to out perform males. Therefor they are fear motivated while the boys are not being made aware that girls are out to out compete them for the best paying jobs. At award ceromines its almost an all girl event. Why because girls are being coached to participate in community events where awrards are awarded so that girls will have an advantage to empress an employer. Whose coaching the boys? there is a ton of susports in place to aid girls but few in comparrison for boys.

Thus we see there are many factors accounting for girls out performing boys but female superiority is not one of them. Thus the superior performance of women both in education and the work place doesn't necessasarily prove superiority.

Women are more successful in new business startups than men?

"And yes it is true that women are more successful in new business startups than men"

That's open to dispute. Research in Wales demonstrated conclusively that fledgling enterprises run by women consistently charged too little for their work, presumably the usual low self-esteem excuse making them too timid to ask for more. This weakness has also often being touted as the reason for the gender pay gap, women simply too cowed to ask for more money.

Women more successful in new business startups than men

thanks for your comment. The Wales study is a very narrow perspective and not consistent with other data I have seen. You might want to examine a report given to the U.S. Senate about the lack of access to capital funding for women entrepreneurs. Which is not their fault.


Are Men Becoming Unemployable?

There is a gathering storm whose ingredients if not checked could lead to men becoming unemployable.I was taken aback when on the web I found advertisements for female only companies. I know that the women's movement have organized to break down male only organizations charging such organizations with discrimination and sexism. Therefor I was shocked to learn some women are advocating the creation of female only companies! Why after fighting against male only organizations do so many women feel it is ok to form female only companies and what is driving this trend to get more women into the trades like auto repair,plumbing companies, electrical contracting,and taxi cab drivers to name a few?

My investigation has uncovered that this trend has its roots in the gender gap in education. How so? In the 60's through the eighties boys were out performing girls in education.The women's movement rightly concerned with the welfare of girls argued that the gender gap must be closed because if either gender outperformed the other academically it would out compete the under performed gender for best paying jobs and career advancement.Thus the women's movement agitated for education reform blaming the system not the girls in marked contrast to today as the girls are now out performing boys academically and mysteriously the system is not being blamed,the boys are! Strangely The women's movement once so concerned when boys out performed girls are noticeably silent now that the gender gap has been reversed and girls are excelling over boys.

This fact suggest that the women's movement is not really interested as they claim in creating equality and parity amongst the genders. If they are than why aren't they agitating for educational reform to address what was a problem when boys were on top but apparently is not a problem when girls are on top!

How are girls out performing boys academically. There are far more girls on the honor rolls than boys. Some high schools have to go back ten or more years to find when a boy was chosen as valedictorian!! At award ceromies girls get the majority of the awards. As for colleges many colleges have as much as 67% females. It is clear girls are getting much better educated than are boys and women are now more than 50% of the work force.. And it is alleged that girls even out perform males in vocation schools.Even in those trades largely thought of as masculine girls are doing better.There are reasons why girls are excelling while boys are declining but it is be yon the scope of this article.

So exactly how is girls out performing boys academically liable to lead to males becoming unemployable? Because as more and more women out compete males for high paying jobs these women are increasingly becoming the chief decision makers in household weather or not its a single mom household or even in households when their is a father present and by the way the marriage rate is also falling as a direct consequence of the gender gap in education because women regard males that aren't as well educated and not making as much money as they are as weak men and loose respect for such men and therefor don't marry men they regard as weak.

Money is power and whoever makes the most money becomes the head of household, or bread winner and thus the chief decision makers. Increasingly these female decision makers are calling up auto repair shops, plumbing companies and electrical companies and inquiring as to weather or not they have females on board thus companies are finding they are loosing customers if they don't have females on board.

Why are female decision makers preferring female auto technicians,plumbers,and electricians? What is now being revealed is that women don't trust men to be fair with them and not take advantage of them. Thus as more and more women do to a flawed educational system continue to out compete males for high paying jobs they will increasingly become the chief decision makers demanding females perform their work therefor its not rocket science to realize that if women become the majority of decision makers and, they don't trust men then companies are going to be forced to hire females tradesmen or loose business to those companies who can satisfy the demand for more women tradesmen.

In all probability the day could come when the term tradesman will be changed to tradeswoman. This explains why we are seeing vocation schools aiming their ads towards female students.

As the pool of women trained in the trades enlarges more females tradesmen will be available. That day isn't as far off as some might think because female only companies are already beginning to dot the landscape. There is also an increasing desire on the part of women to support women owned and managed companies. Recently in the news media women have remarked that they see the need to support women led businesses. This is also a bad sign for males. No wonder that women led companies are succeeding at a higher rate than men led companies. It may not be so much that women make better entrepreneurs as they like to think as it simply is that women give their business to other women once again because they don't trust men.

Thus it should be clear that if females continue to out perform males academically they will out compete males for the best paying jobs which will lead to women loosing their attraction for males which historically has been based upon men's ability to provide for her and the children. but once women perceive of themselves as the mighty hunter and men as weak all bets are off that they will want to marry weak males. Even now lesbianism is on the increase as women see other women as strong providers and so prefer each other to weak males.

In order to stop this trend we must make the educational system gender neutral and not as it now is girl friendly and boy unfriendly.Not many girls say they don't like school but many boys say they don't like school. How then can it be expected that boys will do well in a school system they don't like? This is why I have written this article as a wake up call to society. Unless we close the gender gap in education men can become largely unemployable.

Remember also something said thousands of years ago is just as true today as then,"The race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong but time and chance happens to them all" Eccl 9:11 meaning the reasons for anything are not always obvious but fly just under the radar.

Deep Think

Why Ray's Blog Failed.

Ray Williams blog is misplaced being placed in Psychology Today because Ray demonstrates in his blog
"Why Women May Be Better Leaders Than Men" that he doesn't understand psychology!!.
Presumably the reason for writing the blog was to urge men to promote women to leadership position because women make better leaders than men.Ray ends his blog with the surest words that guarantees that the blog will fail in its purpose of getting men to promote women to leadership positions. He writes "Two things seem more certain today. First, the glass ceiling has not been broken in any substantial way at the senior executive and board level in North America, and second, research points to women possessing the kind of leadership style we need today".couple these words with the words he begins his blog with"At the same time, there is increasing evidence that women actually make better leaders, and are more suited to the style of leadership needed today in organizations."

Does Ray actually believe that men will respond positively to alleged evidence proving his inferiority to women leaders?What does he expect men's reactions to be? Hurray for the women I'll turn in my resignation first thing in the morning! No male can welcome the news that they are inferior..As a society we should all want the best leaders to fill all our leadership positions. If women are indeed better leaders than men than all our leaders should be women.We men are finished and there goes diversity right out the window.

Males have to fight the advancement of women
into leadership positions if men want to have leadership positions. Maybe this is the reason men are not promoting women to leadership roles because of people like Ray writing blogs intimidating males. Thanks Ray unwittingly you have given us advanced warning. We have to protect ourselves if we want any chance of having decent jobs.

The surest way to insure that male leaders will not promote women to leadership positions is to inform the men that women are Superior to men in leadership. The man is after all according to Ray's blog inferior in leadership to the women he will be promoting. This means the company management will soon see that the women are superior to him and fire him. In order to protect themselves leaders have to make sure that the ones they promote are not superior to them. That's the very first law of being a successful leader.Its called covering your ass.

Ray would have had a better chance of persuading men to promote women by avoiding all to gather any so called alleged evidence that women make better leaders and simply say which is probably more accurate we should promote more women to leadership positions not because women make better leaders than men but because they have a different style of leadership that when combined with male style of leadership makes for better decisions resulting in higher productivity. Said in this way males won't be intimidated and fearful of loosing their leadership positions.

They might even get promoted if they let it be known that the reason they promoted the women was because he believed the increased diversity would lead to increased productivity. Now when the diversity the women bring to the table results in increased productivity he has a good chance of being promoted himself for having the good judgement of promoting the women.This is what they call making lemonade out of lemons which reveals superior leadership. Oh My and that came from a man. Will wonders never cease.

I think it is partially

I think it is partially right. Now day’s women are become more strong and talented as comparison to the previous. Many times they can make their career without any others help as they are self independent.
Transition Coaching


If women are superior to men and make better leaders than men do, then why do they keep fighting for more accommodations, preferences and affirmative action policies and programs that favor women?

It's like a young woman claiming that she is superior to her father but continues to send her credit card bills to him so he can pay them and demands his help when she has any problems.

As for Dan Abrams, he wrote a book entitled "Man Down" and has repeatedly stated that men are finished. Yet, he has a young son who was born in 2012. As his son grows up, will he tell him that he is finished and has no future?

And women are more independent, more strong and more talented than in the past? Yes, there are more successful women now than there were in the past but there are also more poor women as well. The number of women in prison is 8 times higher than it was in the 1970s and there are so many single mothers out there living in poverty. This is not just a U.S. trend but a global trend as well.

But, it is not politically correct to write a book entitled "Woman Down" and claim that women are finished.

If anybody is "down" then shouldn't we help that person regardless of who or what s/he is instead of smugly claiming that the person is "finished?" It's amazing how much misandry there is out there.

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