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Why Meetings Kill Productivity

My experience in working with executives and managers is that 40-50 percent of their time is taken up with meetings, that either they call, or have to attend. Which leaves precious little time left to actually get work done. Read More

I usually use a laptop in meetings

With one exception, I wasn't the person taking the minutes for the meeting. However, since I have horrible handwriting & I can key quicker than I can write - I take notes during the meeting on my laptop.

If you take notes on a laptop...

...I'd love to get your thoughts on our new minutes tool, Less Meeting. I'm one of the co-founder and looking to get feedback from people like yourself. Check us out at Less Meeting. Just a thought...

Critique of 'Why Meetings Kill Productivity'

See my page for a response to Mr. Williams' article


Home room, anyone?!


I totally agree that too many meetings are a bad thing, but before a project starts, they are invaluable to saving time in the long run. However, continual meetings about the same project should be limited to thirty minutes. Using skype of gotomeeting is helpful because it cuts down on the chitchat. http://andycore.com/?p=3266

looking for primary sources of data in this article

Hi Ray or others,

The stats cited in this article from 3M Meeting Network, Robert Half, adn Industry Week have been recited in several articles across the web. Can anyone point me to the original surveys/sources? I can't find them.


Meetings --request for data source

Hi Matt:
Here's a good source that includes the 3M study:http://www.okstate.edu/ceat/msetm/courses/etm5221/Week%201%20Challenges/Meeting%20Analysis%20Findings%20from%20Research%20and%20Practice.pdf

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