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Does employee engagement really drive productivity?

While most of the research identifies low levels of employee engagement in many organizations and strategies to increase that engagement for the purpose of improving productivity, the cause-and-effect relationship is not overwhelming. Read More

Employee Engagement and business outcomes

Although it seems there are questions about how much employee engagement impacts business outcomes, there is lots of evidence that there is a connection--PeopleMetrics is one company that has shown a correlation, through their Most Engaged Customers report Most Engaged Customers report.

Besides, it just makes sense-- when employees are passionate about their work, they perform better. And when employees are happy, the customers notice that and want to return. The employees at a hotel I recently stayed at were so friendly that it was impossible not to smile while walking through the lobby. Guess where I'll be staying again, if I have the chance?

I completely agree with the

I completely agree with the point that employee engagement can drive business results if people feel the bond with the organization and co-workers. Though the organization has all the luxury for the employee... if he/she doesn't feel the warmth within the team or group of people around him... he will hardly be any productive and will always want to leave the organization. And people should also bond with the process and any change happening within the organization. Again there could be its own pros and cons of how it works with different personalities.

And most of the time people own their company through social media. So getting a software organization wide with enterprise 2.0 standards will be a great force to drive peoples interest and get to bond within the organization.

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