Why Religion Is Natural and Science Is Not

A naturalist examines the cognitive and cultural foundations of religion, science, and more

Is Religion Withering in America?

The decline of American religiosity may be more apparent than real. Read More


Meh. Fifty Shades of Gray was popular among the "reading public," too. I don't see that as proof that alternative sexuality is not in decline, rather as it made a bunch of people feel horny. Likewise, the "postlife porn" you mention just makes a bunch of people who happen to buy books feel good about their choice of invisible friends. People will always gravitate to what supports them emotionally and if people need not to die, they'll gravitate toward postlife porn, just as the unfulfilled will gravitate toward the more conventional kind.

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Robert N. McCauley, Ph.D., is the author of Why Religion Is Natural and Science Is Not. He is William Rand Kenan Jr. University Professor of Philosophy at Emory University.


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