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Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones but Words Can Kill

There is a new threat to modern teenagers—a threat that doesn’t end with the boundaries of the home, but can pass right through physical barriers with ease. Coming to a computer screen near you—meet the cyber bully. Read More

Why haven't phone/internet providers stepped up on this?

It should be legally possible for anyone to electronically block as many phone numbers and isps as is needed. If necessary, an isp should have access to a "none except" service, where users can block all texts, instant messages, and emails from those not already on their contact lists. Antivurus/security programs need to start meeting these issues head on, when security means protection from cyberbullying like this.
Texts from untrusted apps should automatically be blocked, instant messages from umknown isps automatically blocked. We need better cyber security and validation, period!

Knowing that this is

Knowing that this is happening, I think we also need to teach our children from a young age that others' opinions aren't always valid or worthy of our attention.

Young children will often come to their parents with mean things other children have said. These are teaching moments when we have a chance to both validate their feelings and remind them that other people can be mistaken. Not to minimize the problem, but to help put it in perspective.

It would be nice if there weren't bullies, but since that's not realistic, we also need to take some responsibility for giving kids the skills they need to handle them & the feeling that they can look to us for support when they can't.

I know it's more complicated than this, but it's a starting point. I think too many people brush off a younger child's concerns instead of using them to help the child grow.

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