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The Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing

How in the world do men convicted of heinous crimes do so well with the ladies? Charles Manson is engaged? Prison guards branding themselves with the inmates' names and bearing their children? An inside look, pun intended, at what can go on behind bars. Read More

Gag me with a fork

So little miss San Diego is going to make judgment calls about what happens in Baltimore.

I don't think so.

The Baltimore prison guards had a very good reason to side with Tavon White. The black female prison guards came from the same neighborhoods as most of the black detainees. The guards had far more in common with the detainees than the Maryland judicial system, which is made up of suburban white police officers and suburban white lawyers. The Baltimore Police Department, where 80% of officers do not live in the city, is a heavily racist organization and routinely harasses, targets and arrests blacks. The Baltimore police make far more arrests than their suburban counterparts, and detain large numbers of city residents. The Baltimore jail is 150 years old, in bad shape and a dangerous place. Being a guard there is hard difficult work, and the jail is completely controlled by the detainees with a complex hierarchy. When a guard ingratiates oneself within that hierarchy that's just smart business practices, otherwise their lives could be at risk.

Also, some things you got wrong. Tavon White was never a leader with the Black Guerrilla Family. The men being housed in the jail are called "detainees" and not inmates. Most of them are awaiting trial and have not been convicted of anything, so quit calling them inmates.

Women are programmed to seek

Women are programmed to seek men with social status.

Many women go on autopilot when they meet a famous male.

Their brains say "He's famous" and that's the end of it, no logic need apply.

It is this fundamental flaw in human female mate selection that keeps us stuck in evolution as a species.

I think so.

Once again Dr. Patrick has relied on fact to tell the story, such as video tape, credible eyewitness testimony, tattoos and FOUR kids being born, just to name a few. As far as "Charlie" (Manson), yet more drama with one of the most evil men of the late 20th Century.

Thanks for a great read, Dr. Patrick!

*Addressing the terms "detainee" vs. "inmate," I notice that the Baltimore City Detention Center's own website refers to those currently incarcerated as inmates (including detainees): http://www.dpscs.state.md.us/locations/bcdc.shtml. I further notice that the Baltimore County jail's own website refers to those who are currently incarcerated as "inmates," as in "Inmate Search," and throughout the following web page: http://www.baltimorecountymd.gov/Agencies/corrections/inmateinformation/.... (Both pretrial detainees and sentenced offenders are commonly referred to as inmates.) I respect, commend and honor the service of those guards of the Baltimore County jail system who are good, honest and dedicated. Yes, a very hard job indeed. One can only imagine what they go through every day.


Baltimore County and Baltimore City are two separate and distinct entities. They are both in the same state, but that's about it. They have separate governments.

Baltimore County and Baltimore City

Well, both of them (county and city) refer to those who are incarcerated as "inmates," which is a fact and the point.

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The Psychology of Attraction

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I live in Baltimore and I

I live in Baltimore and I think the urban culture teaches u that this is ok. We are taught as women that it's ok to be used, exploited, cheated on, date the worst man. So I can see how women with low self esteemn can be influenced by this jail thug.

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Wendy L. Patrick, Ph.D. is a career trial attorney and an expert in criminal law. She is co-author of the New York Times bestseller, "Reading People."


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